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Product Certification

The right VdS offer for your product certificate

A product approval from VdS provides you with considerable competitive advantages. Because only VdS-certified products may be used in VdS-approved fire protection and security systems. 

The VdS seal stands for reliable and long-term effectiveness, which has been tested in comprehensive endurance tests and according to practical VdS guidelines (including DIN/EN and all CEA requirements). VdS-approved products ensure not only the greatest possible protection but also high savings through minimised false alarms, less maintenance and tested durability. VdS product certification is therefore an excellent basis for being perceived as a premium supplier on the market for fire protection and security technology.

Only products that successfully pass all practical hardness tests in the VdS laboratories in Cologne receive a VdS quality seal. These can be, for example, real test fires or burglary simulations with a wide variety of tools. Tests after artificial ageing and under the most difficult environmental conditions also put the product's effectiveness to the test. The products are tested by experts with more than 110 years of business experience.

Your timetable for product approval

You want to launch your product on time and successfully - we reduce the time-to-market for you to a minimum:

Test planning

Define the common certification goal, provide the technical documentation - simply by using our checklists. You receive your certification plan with a transparent cost breakdown.

Audibility check

Handover of the test setups, precise schedule from VdS - with special attention to speed

Testing, preparation of the test report, certification

Experts from our state-accredited certification body check all test results.

Issue of the VdS-certificate

You will receive your VdS approval - and can now advertise your products with this globally respected distinguishing feature.

VdS or PROVE: We test on the basis of different standards

Which standard is best suited as a test basis depends on various factors: For example, in addition to the individual security requirements of the companies themselves, the focus is also on legal requirements, special demands of insurers and customer requirements.

A VdS-certification based on the VdS-regulations guarantees the highest possible level of protection. Because the VdS-guidelines are developed in cooperation with relevant stakeholders on the basis of loss experience and research. They contain technical or quality-related requirements for products/plants, manufacturing processes, services and methods in the field of loss prevention and are regularly updated. A VdS-approval also covers all related standard requirements.

However, depending on the objectives and strategic orientation, manufacturers, installation companies and specialists may also seek certification in accordance with international standards. In many cases, these certifications also offer an appropriate level of protection, but can no longer be regarded as part of a higher-level overall safety concept. VdS naturally also offers these tests. Corresponding products and services are labelled with the PROVE seal. A PROVE certificate also guarantees very high test quality, as the tests are carried out by experienced VdS experts in a well-coordinated team. The PROVE certificate is upwardly compatible and therefore offers a good introduction to testing according to the VdS regulations.

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Your way to the VdS-Certificate

In a preliminary discussion with the manufacturer, we clarify the requirements for VdS-approval, whether series products or custom-made products: Together we will design the appropriate VdS test procedures. After the preliminary discussion, the manufacturer places an order for testing and certification by VdS. VdS is also happy to take on the mandatory certification of quality management in accordance with ISO 9001 - regardless of national borders, of course, just like the product tests. Once the product to be tested and the associated documentation are available, the tests can begin. If desired, we can also carry out tests during development. After the successful completion of the tests (and the fulfilment of all other requirements) the certificate of VdS-approval of the product is issued.

Cross-border recognition

We positioned ourselves globally years ago and work closely with all relevant certification institutes in Europe in the cross-national recognition of products. Thus, manufacturers benefit additionally from a large number of agreements on the mutual recognition of test results. We also cooperate closely with various partners beyond Europe.

Accredited laboratories

We operate high-quality equipped laboratories in which type and system tests are carried out security products and our worldwide reputation is based on the use of modern technology and innovative test methods, as well as the comprehensive expertise and many years of experience of our engineers.

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Our experts will be happy to support you with comprehensive advice and assistance:



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