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Laboratory testing of old sprinkler heads

Ageing processes can completely seal sprinklers - watertight.

Therefore, an important part of the old system test recommended + required by insurance companies in accordance with DIN EN 12845:

The laboratory examination of installed sprinkler heads.


Your advantages with VdS:

We not only offer you complete delamination by Europe's No. 1 Institute for Fire Protection (state-accredited): 

Thanks to more than 110 years of expertise in ensuring the effectiveness of extinguishing systems, our experts can also immediately identify the causes of defects and impending damage (e.g. emerging deformations, tastes, a foreign matter content in the water that requires treatment, etc.).

Always included in our services: as usual, concrete assistance to minimise identified risk scenarios - and thus to prevent expensive destruction at an early stage.

Bonus: All tests (response temperature, flow rate, spray pattern etc.) including photo documentation + assessment guaranteed to be completed in 14 days.


What exactly is being checked?

Further plus points for you:

  • As fast as comprehensive certainty thanks to the unique personnel and technical infrastructure of the VdS laboratories.
  • Globally accepted, detailed test report including precise photo documentation - if it should be necessary to replace the sprinkler heads, you can use this important argumentation aid to prove exactly why this is necessary.
  • Would you like additional services? All services for testing complete water extinguishing systems from a single source, also by supporting experts on site - just let us know what you need.
  • 100% independence and highest objectivity proven in numerous accreditations (ISO, IEC, DAkkS, DIBt, construction supervision, notification)
  • As a technical pioneer, we set fire protection standards worldwide. Among other things, VdS-guidelines, referred to by the industry press as technical "bibles", often form the basis of new international safety standards.
  • New risks, new technologies? Do we get direct input from our innovation tests, the damage analyses of the German Insurance Association (460 companies), participation in all relevant standards committees, over 30,000 plant inspections per year and continuous fire tests - we develop protective measures and inform our partners. 500 VdS experts secure your knowledge advantage.
  • Wide range of special tests for special techniques, new developments, customer-specific components etc. Does a pipe part look thin-walled to you, for example? Then wrap it up and we will play it safe for you.

Would you like further information?

Our experts will be happy to help you with comprehensive advice + support, both in advance and in the event of identified risks.

We look forward to supporting you:

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