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Risk Management

The task of our risk management business unit is to identify the various internal sources of danger holistically, to give concrete recommendations for action for prevention also directly on site and thus to place the security and safety of companies on a solid basis. 

Identify, evaluate and minimise risks. Losses occur due to a wide variety of risks, our focus being on fire and burglary/theft risks, natural risks (flooding, hail, snow) and risks resulting from business interruption due to damage that has occurred.

Studies show that approximately 43% of the companies affected by a major loss are unable to continue operations after restoration and settlement by the insurer due to the loss of customers; a further 28% close down in the three years following the loss event!

We use our over 100 years of experience in loss prevention to identify, assess and, above all, minimize risks. We offer directly implementable solutions to improve the individual risk situation.

Our customers already include leading insurance companies, brokers, industrial companies and public authorities.

The risk analysis

The risk analysis


Building on its expertise in the core areas of loss prevention, which is unique in Europe, VdS offers independent risk management for insurance companies, brokers and industry that meets the highest quality standards.


Our risk analysis focuses on methods for the identification and evaluation of threats, taking into account coordinated protection goals and boundary conditions


For us, effective risk management begins with a complete recording of the risk situation. Our practice-proven, comprehensive system is based on the latest methods. Depending on the sector, company size and the required protection goals, we put together individual, multidisciplinary teams of experts.


assess the risks


For decades, VdS has combined technical know-how with business expertise for the benefit of its customers and partners.


A comprehensive national and international network with authorities, insurers, fire brigades, police and the scientific community serves to ensure optimum loss prevention. This know-how flows directly into the assessment of risks.


The ever-increasing deregulation in public building law and the decline in the level of protection afforded by public law are also leading to an increasing probability of loss occurrence.


Dealing with risks


To minimise risks, our experts derive concrete recommendations for action from the comprehensive analysis. For this purpose, our own proven risk analysis schemes are applied as well as our own catalogues of requirements specified by the client.


The determination of the current status is followed by the implementation of preventive measures. VdS offers support in this area in particular, as capacities or the necessary expertise are not sufficiently available for sometimes very complex issues.


There is plenty of need for clarification - no general answers. VdS' risk minimisation ensures optimum protection by providing precise specifications.

Information film VdS Risk Management

Successful underwriting means knowing the risks

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German insurers have paid over €39 billion for property and business interruption claims in the last 5 years. How you can protect your policyholders and optimise the success of your underwriting is now shown by VdS Risk Management in an animated information film.


For property insurance

For property insurance

The VdS Risk Management business unit is an ideal partner for the insurer's own risk advisors to absorb peaks and special exposures without having to take on time-consuming new staff. Our many years of experience in fire prevention and protection support for industrial customers and the solution of fire prevention problems enable us to supplement and enrich the know-how of the insurance engineers.


External Fire Protection Officer+

External Fire Protection Officer+

Check off your duties directly, save time, reduce costs. Sustainably eliminate dangers. Make it easy for yourself and your employees - and safe: Leave the complex FPO duties to Europe's No. 1 for fire prevention and protection. So that you can concentrate fully on your business processes. Safe and secure.


Worldwide support in fire protection

Worldwide support in fire protection and safety technology

Not only in Germany and Europe. The safety and security of people in a company must have top priority. Whether a Germany-wide chain of specialist stores, a technology centre in Switzerland or industrial companies with individual locations worldwide. Together with our customers, we develop tailor-made concepts and define the necessary protection targets for fire protection and safety technology, if desired as comprehensive external fire protection support within the scope of fire protection officer activities and coordinate the measures for the implementation of the protection concepts with them.


Hazard analysis for gas extinguishing systems

Hazard analysis for gas extinguishing systems

Gas extinguishing systems are often used when water is unsuitable as an extinguishing agent. The chemical-physical properties of the extinguishing gases often lead to an increased risk to people, which obliges the operator to carry out a risk assessment. A comprehensive basis for this assessment is provided by a hazard analysis carried out by VdS, in which we not only identify the hazard areas, but also suggest solutions and recommendations for optimum personal protection.


For industrial companies

For industrial companies

In order to sustainably secure the added value of a company, it is necessary to identify risks and derive countermeasures. The comprehensive risk assessment includes not only the topic of fire protection but also natural and process hazards. With a neutral view and from the outside, weak points are identified, dangers identified and protective measures optimised.  


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