VdS-Schadenverhuetung Produkte

Product Approval

Renowned worldwide

Listed globally – fully NFPA compatible

Safety made easy: VdS-Approval is the synonym for clearly proven reliability, backing you up with more than 115 years of experience and highest German engineering. Fire protection products + systems approved with Europe´s No.1 Quality Seal are listed by governments worldwide, always including + exceeding EN, CE/CPR, mostly ISO – and are fully applicable in NFPA installations:

Certification for entire Europe from one Provider

We have for years positioned ourselves globally and work in the approval of products in close cooperation with all relevant certification institutes in Europe. Manufacturers also benefit through a variety of agreements for mutual recognition of test results. However, we also work closely with various partners outside of Europe.

Special UK contact

Easing and speeding up your global Sales Boost, the VdS-Approval, with our renowned assistance now directly on location for UK partners: London-based Technical Director Dr. Eman Mattie-Suleiman can be reached at

EMattie-Suleiman@vds.de                +44 7850 435482


The direct presence of a VdS expert in the Kingdom will highly improve support to all our important UK customers.

VdS-Approval is the No.1 buying criteria for experts worldwide. More than 115 years of experience in making sure are transferred directly into your approved products. Certification always includes CE, CPR, mostly ISO, if you wish UKCA, and is fully NFPA compatible. Details: vds.de/why


The Association of Swiss Security System Installers (SES) defines and regulates Switzerland's requirements for the technical design of intrusion, burglary and hold-up alarm systems.
It is also responsible for installer approvals as well as product testing and certification. With test reports or certificates from VdS, manufacturers can obtain SES approval.