What exactly do we test?

Practical endurance tests in our Cologne laboratories.

  • even after artificial ageing,
  • even under the most difficult environmental conditions,
  • also with real test fires (for detectors),

have one goal: to provide clear proof of the long-term reliability of your SHEVs.

Your decisive competitive advantage.

Basis of your approval:

VdS-guidelines, called technical "bibles" by safety and security and construction press. Our guidelines, which are known for their particular precision and practical relevance, set safety standards worldwide and repeatedly form the basis for new international safety standards.

To the VdS-guidelines for smoke extraction technologies

VdS can verify for you among other things

  • the safe functioning of your SHEVs even after 10,000 opening cycles (important if the SHEV is also used for daily ventilation) as well as the perfect opening under consideration of simulated wind and snow loads.
  • The proper functioning of the individual components used and of the entire system, taking into account the maximum limits of use selected (temperature, pressure, current, voltage, etc.)
  • the reliable response behaviour of your fire detection and control equipment, even after previously undergoing wear, ageing and environmental tests
  • that each component effectively protects in precise interaction. Their VdS- approval always rules out the frequent weak point "all parts strong except for one, so system does not work".

Our testing services for you include

  • Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems (SHEVs)
  • Natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators (NSHEV)
  • Fire detection and control devices
  • Opening units
  • Elevator shaft smoke extraction
  • Energy Supplies
  • Control devices
  • Manual control devices

Innovation tests:

There are no standards or VdS-guidelines for your new product development yet?

Nevertheless, you can prove the optimal reliability of your product right from the start: By means of an individual test agreement drawn up together with you.
This agreement often forms the basis of new EN or ISO standards years later.

For more than 110 years, purchase decision-makers, insurers + authorities have known - that they can rely on VdS-approved technology at any time - more than a century of trust in our reliability is directly transferred to your approved SHEVS.