Approval in Accordance with VdS Guidelines

Intervention Company

The intervention service is a security service, which is carried out as a result of the alert, the implementation of pre-agreed security measures of the protected object, and the documentation of the results of those activities.

If the intervention service is not provided by the emergency and service control centre, this service can be provided by an external body, the so-called “Intervention agency”.

The intervention agencies cooperate closely with the emergency and service control center and are activated in case of an hazard alarm (for example, caused by burglary, attack or fire alarm systems). For intervention agencies, which are spatially integrated in the emergency and service control centres, the approval process is carried out in combination with the approval process for the emergency and service control centres. However independent approvals of intervention agencies are also possible.

The certification body of VdS offers the approval as intervention agency based on the guidelines VdS 2172.

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