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Certification in Accordance with EN 50518

Alarm Receiving Centre

The standards of the series DIN EN 50518 specify for the first time in Europe requirements for the planning, implementation and equipment functions for so-called alarm receiving stations, which monitor, receive and process alarm signals generated by alarm systems. The alarm systems in turn are an integral part of the protection and safety and security concept of a protected object.

Part 3 of DIN EN 50518 requires an audit by an institution accredited in accordance with EN 45011 to demonstrate compliance with the requirements for the DIN EN 50518 series. For this reason, a certification procedure has been developed in a group of experts (AG ALARM) composed of experts from safety and security service providers, authorities, insurers, associations and VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH to ensure compliance with the standard requirements in accordance with the standards of the DIN EN 50518 series. This certification procedure is elaborated in these guidelines for the certification of alarm receiving stations in accordance with DIN EN 50518 (VdS 3137) with the aim of offering the accredited certification according to the European standards EN 45011 by VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH.

The VdS certification body is accredited by the “German Board of Accreditation” (DAkkS) for the certification of alarm receiving stations in accordance with DIN EN 50518. The DAkkS is the national accreditation body of the Federal Republic of Germany, based in Berlin. As an independent institution, it assesses, certifies and monitors the competence of laboratories, certification and inspection bodies. Only by the accreditation of the certification procedure are the standard requirements according to DIN EN 50518-3 fulfilled, and thus the conformity with all three standards of the series DIN EN 50518 is confirmed.

VdS GeoRiskReport

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The greatest risk to the economy, according to the World Economic Forum: Extreme weather events. DIN EN 50518 and DIN EN 50600 make natural hazard assessments mandatory.

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