VdS-Schadenverhuetung Security

Certification DIN EN 16082

Aiport and Aviation Security Service Provider

Not only in times of increased risk of terrorism are airports highly protected areas. 20,000 service employees currently secure and guard German airports alone - 20% more than in 2014. The sheer number of service providers raises the question of opportunities for a quick identification of highly qualified service companies. The regulation DIN EN 16082 "Airport and Aviation Security Services" specifies the requirements for security services in terms of organisation, processes, staff and management. Thus, quality criteria for these security services in the context of civil aviation, which are in demand from public or private customers, are clearly defined.

In addition to basic requirements such as the existence of a management structure that shows management control and responsibility on each level of operation or the operation of a complaint management system in accordance with national quality management systems, there are also demands on the financial and economic capacity of the service provider. Furthermore, the selection of qualified personnel, employment conditions and education and training are an essential part of the normative requirements. There are explicit definitions for basic training, training in safety and security awareness, communication skills and the vocabulary regarding aviation security, the control and checking of passengers, staff and crew as well as hand luggage or carry-on items, for the use of detection and x-ray machines. etc. Compliance with the standard is verified by a relevant certification by VdS. The process for certification is regulated by the VdS-guideline 3108. Through the defined normative criteria and the independent testing and certification, a high-quality, competent security service in the field of airport and aviation security is ensured.