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End of the year and outlook for 202210.12.2021

End of the year and outlook for 2022

Successful seven VdS online conferences

New VdS support02.12.2021

Safe water extinguishing components

Corona Pandemic29.11.2021

International VdS-conference “Fire Extinguishing systems” can be booked as livestream

VdS and UL08.11.2021

Mutual acceptance agreement

Fire detection systems03.11.2021

VdS-Approval for Self-Test Devices

New VdS info pages01.10.2021

CE and DIBt procedures

Compact Guidelines VdS 2100 for dependable pipe connection elements and fittings renewed; comprehensively supplemented with findings for reliable production with regard to leak tightness and stress crack resistance, as well as other aspects.02.06.2021

New Guidelines for reliable sprinkler pipe connections

VdS-FireSafety Cologne 202108.04.2021

No-risk booking for exhibitors

Support for producers and users, available for free:06.04.2021

Updated Guidelines for safe control and indicating equipment

Important knowledge available for free:04.03.2021

Assistance for reliable control and delay devices