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Safe water extinguishing components

First VdS-Guidelines for reliable foot valves, updates for deluge valve stations – precise and specific loss prevention on compact 18 / 15 pages.

Press Release 42/2021

Cologne/Germany, December 2nd, 2021. For centuries, fires destroyed entire cities and were considered inevitable natural disasters – til the invention of automatic extinguishing systems. They directly contain any fire at the point of its origin. Decisive for this important protective effect is, of course, the interaction of always reliable components.

VdS has been testing the systems since they were first used in Europe – and bundles experience gained in over 112 years into compact Guidelines. The precise assistance for safe foot valves and valve stations has now been newly created as well as revised.

"Manufacturers, users, authorities and insurers can rely on us to directly respond to risks and new technical possibilities with practice-tested safety measures," emphasises Frank Bzdega, head of the VdS Laboratories for Water Extinguishing Technology. "So we have now expanded and updated our 2100 series of Guidelines for effective sprinkler components – and are making both new publications available free of charge."

The publications VdS 2100-23 and -38, "Requirements and test methods for deluge valve stations / foot valves" are available at www.vds-shop.de/en.