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VdS-Certification for fire detectors with CO sensor02.11.2022

VdS-Certification for fire detectors with CO sensor

From now on, detectors with integrated carbon monoxide sensors can be certified in accordance with application-oriented VdS-Guidelines.

Valve stations and special fittings: New VdS Guidelines17.10.2022

Technical innovations require an update for three Guidelines of the VdS 2100 series for water extinguishing systems.

VdS: EMC tests now also available up to 6 GHz04.10.2022

The number of radio applications in the range above 2.7 GHz is constantly increasing, exceeding the European standard requirements.

Water mist technology: VdS defines regulations for components and systems01.09.2022

The number of water mist extinguishing systems is increasing – however, test standards so far only existed for individual components.

Fire protection technology: VdS offers complete UKCA certification01.08.2022

From 2023, safety products will require the “UKCA Mark” for being sold in England, Scotland and Wales.

First VdS-Approval for fluorine-free extinguishing foam01.06.2022

First environment-friendly alternative to fluorine-containing and therefore persistent foam agents now offered by Dr. Sthamer

First Guidelines for radio-based FDAS02.05.2022

Ensuring highest reliability for the entire system

Reliable Infrared Cameras01.04.2022

First VdS product Guidelines for IR cameras in fire protection

Registration of exhibitors is under way03.03.2022

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