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Assistance for reliable control and delay devices

Electrical control and delay devices are an essential element of gas extinguishing systems. The German institute VdS has now compactly consolidated its requirements for this important component – and makes the new Guidelines VdS 3844 available free of charge.

Cologne/Germany, March 4th, 2021: Automatic gas extinguishing systems put out fire immediately. The control processes required for this, such as alarming or delaying the activation of triggering, are carried out by electrical automatic control and delay devices – which are also the link to the control and indicating equipment. Manufacturers and installers asked for precise assistance from VdS for these techniques, so Europe's largest fire protection institute has now produced its own Guidelines on the subject.

„Developers, users, insurers and authorities wanted to simplify their processes with more transparency for these components“, explains Ulrich Rabe, deputy head of the VdS laboratories for fire protection technology. „Together with our partners in the German Association for Technical Fire Protection bvfa, we were more than happy to implement these wishes. Among other things, safe monitoring mechanisms, special instructions for multi-zone systems and the new feature 'indication of degraded transmission paths' are now specified in compact form. In addition, we list all interface parameters in a clear table. VdS provides manufacturers of electrical control devices with an important aid to also meet the requirements of the associated European standard, in this case EN 12094-1.”

The new Guidelines VdS 3844, „Electrical automatic control and delay devices, requirements and test methods“, are available for free download at vds-shop.de/en.