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Updated Guidelines for safe control and indicating equipment


VdS 2540 for reliable CIE comprehensively revised – including precise performance characteristics for risk minimisation in the control and activation of alarm valve stations and in fault monitoring.


Cologne/Germany, April 6th, 2021. The “brain” of every fire alarm system: the control and indicating equipment (CIE). This is where all information from the monitored areas comes together, where processes such as alarming, clearing an object and, above all, the triggering of connected extinguishing systems are coordinated. VdS has been testing these devices since they were first used in Europe – and is bundling the experience gained over all this time into the product Guidelines VdS 2540.

The compact publication (16 pages) has now been extensively revised. “New features include a separate test for degraded transmission paths”, explains Frank Schäfer, VdS product manager responsible for the update. “And as a direct customer request, we have now also specified requirements for the switchover valves for the triggering of alarm valve stations, and added performance characteristics for fire brigade indication panels. This makes it easier for manufacturers to produce high-quality CIE; while installers, operators, insurers as well as authorities can fully rely on its safe application.”

The new VdS 2540 are provided free of charge by Europe's largest and oldest testing institute for fire protection technology. Here you can find the “Requirements and test methods for control and indicating equipment” .