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Compact Guidelines VdS 2100 for dependable pipe connection elements and fittings renewed; comprehensively supplemented with findings for reliable production with regard to leak tightness and stress crack resistance, as well as other aspects.

New Guidelines for reliable sprinkler pipe connections

Cologne/Germany, June 1st, 2021. The decisive instant protection in case of fire (more often than every 5 minutes in a company in Germany): automatic sprinkler systems. An important part of these systems are of course the pipes that bring the extinguishing water exactly into target. To ensure a stable water supply, VdS supports manufacturers all over the world with precise specifications for e.g. reliable connections.

The Guidelines "VdS 2100-06, Pipe Connection Elements, Requirements and Test Methods" have now been renewed by Europe's largest institute for fire protection with technical innovations as well as additional risk minimisation. "Design specifics, details on documentation, torsion and flame resistance, etc. – we have summarised all the important new findings in compact 19 pages, including informative graphics and tables", emphasises Frank Bzdega, head of the VdS laboratories for water extinguishing systems. "All with the aim of making it easier for developers to produce safe quality and to offer installers, operators, insurers and authorities the highest level of reliability in use."

VdS offers the revised Guidelines free of charge. You can find "VdS 2100-06, Pipe Connection Elements, Requirements and Test Methods" at vds-shop.de. Also updated and available there are the Guidelines VdS 2100-30 for pipe fittings.