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New VdS info pages

CE and DIBt procedures

Everything relevant about CE Marking and German Construction Products Technical Approval (by DIBt) on new VdS webpages – background knowledge on legal requirements, procedure, etc.

Cologne/Germany, October 1st, 2021. In order to bring construction products into the EU markets for which a harmonised European standard exists, manufacturers have to provide CE marking. Without such a standard, Germany often requires a national technical approval by its Institute for Structural Engineering (DIBt). The tests for this are carried out by recognized bodies. VdS supports manufacturers in both procedures with comprehensive services – and has now created new information pages with the most important facts on this.

Martin Hesels, deputy head of the VdS certification body, emphasizes: "VdS offers all relevant services for a fast and smooth market launch from a single source – we support the certain success of fire protection developments with decades of experience in all required processes."

At vds.de/ce and vds.de/dibt-en, interested parties find important knowledge on the "Passport for Construction Products" as well as the "PÜZ" processes (Testing, Surveillance, Certification). In VdS-Approval, CE processes are always directly included.