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Fire detection systems

VdS-Approval for Self-Test Devices

Components of Fire Detection Technology are increasingly able to in parts autonomously monitor their performance data or individual functions. VdS now supports manufacturers in having self-test devices objectively and reliably tested.

Cologne/Germany, November 3rd 2021. More and more components in fire detection systems are able to in parts monitor their status data or functions independently. Reliable self-test devices can increase the availability of safety systems and support operators as well as installers in maintenance and servicing. To ensure the necessary quality of these solutions, VdS has developed Guidelines which enable testing and certification.

Bettina Bormann, VdS Product Manager responsible for the new publication, emphasises: "Self-test devices can, for example, monitor individual performance characteristics continuously or at regular intervals, actively as well as passively. In order to evaluate the innovative and diverse solutions in a qualified and standard-compliant manner, we have – as always together with numerous industry experts – developed a procedure for testing and approval."

The Guidelines VdS 3860, "Self-test devices for components of fire detection and alarm technology – requirements and test methods", are available free of charge at vds-shop.de/en