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VdS-Certification for fire detectors with CO sensor

From now on, detectors with integrated carbon monoxide sensors can be certified in accordance with application-oriented VdS-Guidelines.

Aim is, among other things, full assurance for manufacturers as well as users.


Press Release 35/2022

Cologne/Germany, 02. November 2022. Carbon monoxide: invisible, odourless, highly toxic – and important for a rapid detection, as it occurs very early in case of fire, in the critical smouldering phase. The demand for multi-sensor detectors with combined heat, smoke and CO detection is increasing. With the new Guidelines VdS 6017, 6018 and 6019, Europe´s top institute for safety has developed its own test procedure for these products (equivalent, but less complex compared to the European standards EN 54-26, -30, -31 – and thus easier and faster to implement).

Frank Schäfer, VdS expert in charge of the new publications, explains: "Because of the well-known testing problems in the European standards for these components, we now offer our partners practice-oriented requirements. We think that the topic of fire detection by means of combined sensors is very significant."

The free Guidelines with requirements for point-type carbon monoxide detectors (VdS 6017), multi-sensor fire detectors using a combination of carbon monoxide and heat sensors (VdS 6018) and using a combination of smoke, carbon monoxide and optionally heat sensors (VdS 6019) are available at www.vds-shop.de.