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Valve stations and special fittings: New VdS Guidelines

Technical innovations require an update for three Guidelines of the VdS 2100 series for water extinguishing systems.


Press Release 34/2022

Cologne/Germany, 17. October 2022. The strongest protection in case of fire (happening every 3 seconds around the world): automatic extinguishers. VdS has been testing these complex systems since they were first used in Europe – and comprises its knowledge for successful loss prevention into compact product Guidelines, which the institute makes available to all responsible experts free of charge.

Three publications of the 2100 series for sprinkler systems have been comprehensively revised, ensuring the highest reliability of wet/dry alarm valve stations and special fittings. Frank Bzdega, head of the VdS laboratories for water extinguishing systems, explains: "We support manufacturers as well as users with the usual precise and always up-to-date requirements for the respective components. In addition, at the request of our customers, we have streamlined the needed technical documents as well as the design requirements for peripheral waterways“.

The new Guidelines for wet alarm valve stations (VdS 2100-01), dry alarm valve stations (VdS 2100-02) and special fittings (VdS 2100-24) can be downloaded free of charge at www.vds-shop.de.