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VdS 6029: Burglar-Resistant Display Cases

VdS guidelines for burglar-resistant display cases published for the first time

VdS-approved burglar-resistant showcases ensure an optimum level of protection for material assets during presentations in retail outlets and museums.


Press Release 09/2023

Cologne, 5th of April 2023. Break-ins in museums threaten the loss of irretrievable exhibits, while thefts of valuable merchandise cause enormous financial losses in the trade. Theft resistant display cases with special mechanical security devices, such as burglar-resistant glass or resistant locking devices, can decisively counteract these risks. Their effectiveness can now be reliably and objectively assessed with the new VdS 6029 guidelines.

The VdS guidelines for the assessment of intruder resistant display cases contain minimum requirements and test methods to make burglary and theft of the goods on display significantly more difficult. In comparison with their resistance to burglary, VdS classifies the approved display cases into the four classes V1-V4. Decisive factors here are the potential duration until unauthorised opening, the tools used and the construction. 

"Particularly in view of the serious break-ins of recent years, these guidelines provide important orientation for museum operators, manufacturers and insurers," emphasises Sebastian Brose, Head of Product Management in the Products & Companies division at VdS. "Clear criteria for assessing the protective effect put investment decisions in burglary and theft protection by display cases on an objective basis."

The new guidelines VdS 6029 "Burglar-resistant display cases - requirements and test methods" are now available for download in the VdS shop at www.vds-shop.de


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