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Water mist technology: VdS defines regulations for components and systems

The number of water mist extinguishing systems is increasing – however, test standards so far only existed for individual components.

VdS is now closing this gap with Guidelines available for free download.


Press Release 27/2022

Cologne/Germany, September 1, 2022. Water mist systems use finely dispersed water to fight fires, thus displacing oxygen and absorbing heat – combining the effects of gas extinguishing and traditional sprinkler systems. The small droplet sizes (≤1 mm diameter) significantly enhance the effect of the water used, also minimizing water damage. VdS now backs up manufacturers as well as users with a basic product standard systematically testing effectiveness and reliability.

Until now, product regulations existed only for selected components (e.g. EN 17450-1, filters and strainers, or ISO 6182-9, nozzles from 12 bar); VdS testing was based on time-consuming case-by-case analysis for every component. The newly published Guidelines provide immediate relief. "We have been testing water-based firefighting systems since they were first used in Europe – the new regulations incorporate several decades of experience", emphasizes Frank Bzdega, head of the VdS laboratories for water extinguishing systems. "Hundreds of possible failures in this complex technology – one way to ensure that the systems always work when they are needed: the VdS Approval.“

The Guidelines VdS 3100, "High-pressure water mist systems, Requirements and test methods", are available for free download in the www.vds-shop.de; for water mist sprinklers and nozzles of all pressure levels, VdS 3100-46 has also been newly published.