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New service offer for holistic burglary and theft protection


The renowned institute for corporate safety and security is offering a new service based on its comprehensive expertise in the field of security issues. Experienced experts from VdS support planners and operators in developing reliable concepts and solutions for optimum prevention and protection.


Cologne, 10 August 2023. With Security Expertise, VdS has created a unique offer for planners, operators, insurers or other risk bearers of facilities with high security or availability requirements. In doing so, the highly qualified VdS team of experts supports its clients in fulfilling legal requirements, complying with insurance conditions and at the same time establishing an optimum level of security. In this service, VdS combines its outstanding expertise in security systems together with a comprehensive and detailed knowledge of the applicable regulations. Clients can thus benefit from the cross-sector experience of the qualified experts in the VdS-Security Expertise field of competence. Relevant objects of protection include critical infrastructures, data centres, museums with valuable cultural assets and logistics centres.

Successful management of burglary and theft risks

„Our services in the VdS-Security Expertise field of competence are designed to support those who are entrusted with the management of burglary and theft risks. For example, we act as a sparring partner for specialist planners and operators of impacted facilities and provide the necessary security for future-proof investments," explains Sebastian Brose, Head of Product Management in the Products & Companies division at VdS. "At the same time, however, we also create added value for installers, who thus receive an orientation framework for security standards at the highest level”.

Comprehensive range of services for the best protection level

The VdS Security Expertise portfolio covers the various phases of the security process in twelve modules. Clients are therefore provided with the ideal choice for suitable support that is precisely tailored to individual customer requirements. If required, the support can be comprehensive or, if desired, can be focused on a specific risk scenario. 

All in all, the range of services extends from assistance in defining appropriate protection targets or in planning suitable security solutions and measures, through to support during the construction phase or the transition to a continuous security management system. In addition, VdS experts also assess specific requirements with regard to technological developments. This enables clients to plan their investments efficiently in the long term and avoid unnecessary costs.   

More information on VdS Security Expertise at: https://vds.de/en/security-expertise  


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