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with VdS testing of electrically operated hold-open devices for swing doors (EN 1155)


Function and operation mode of these devices for fire and smoke protection doors


Fire and smoke protection closures prevent the spread of flames and smoke and thus protect people and goods in the event of fire. If they are to be kept open for daily business in a controlled manner, proof of safe functioning is required by the building authorities - as an important part of safety concepts.

An electrically controlled HOS consists at least of a hold-open device, a release device, a power supply device and a fire detector. If fire or smoke is detected, the electrically operated hold-open device is immediately released, and the safety doors close by means of stored mechanical energy. The hold-open device can also be overcome by manual disengagement.


To prove the applicability of hold-open systems in Germany, general type approvals are issued by the authority "German Institute for Building Technology" [DIBt].


For your information:

A declaration of performance and CE marking in accordance with regulation (EU) No. 305/2011 are required for placing electrically operated hold-open devices for swing doors on the EU markets (in accordance with EN 1155).


Schematic structure: Hold-open system in closed state

Your advantages of VdS testing to EN 1155


In addition to testing the

  • use for swing doors according to EN 1155

we can also test your products directly for

  • use as lift, drop and sliding doors in accordance with DIBt specifications.

You save costs and effort and get everything done directly from one source.

In the case of a test for the first area of application, we can at your request also test directly for the second area of application. Quickly and easily. Likewise, this second area of application can also be tested for you on its own.

The supplement to the general DIBt type approval for your product then follows in perfect time and at ease.


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