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VdS: New support for safe gas extinguishing systems

Updated version of the "Gas Extinguishing Technology Bible" VdS 2454 available for free download:

Comprehensive coverage for reliable components, overall system design, compatibility, personal protection, and much more.


Press Release 14/2023

Cologne/Germany, June 2nd 2023. Gas extinguishing systems protect the core of producing industries all over the world, which is particularly threatened by the main fire cause "electrical defects" (German Insurer Association studies): IT rooms and manufacturing machines. This technology fights fires without side effects and in places that other extinguishers cannot reach – if the complex systems function reliably. This is precisely why VdS bundles 115 years of loss prevention experience into compact guidelines named „technical holy books“ by experts worldwide.

Europe's largest safety institute has now comprehensively revised its standards for efficient gas extinguishing systems: "As usual, we have adapted the publication to relevant industry innovations and the latest risks. Brand new are, among others, specifications for dynamically regulating pressure limiters," explains Hendrik Rudolph, head of the VdS laboratories for gas and special extinguishing systems. "A reader-friendly design was also important for us. So we have simplified the permitted options in terms of technical openness and new developments, have also at the request of our customers added many explanations, e.g. on control options, for the first time in graphical representations.“

The Guidelines VdS 2454, "Gas Extinguishing Systems - Requirements and Test Methods" are available for free download on www.vds-shop.de. Including practical specifications on the legally required personal protection measures, overviews of necessary components and their approvals, as well as details on minimum requirements for certain approval-free components such as filters or pressure switches. They apply to all approved extinguishing gases in high and low pressure systems.

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