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VdS-Approval for voice alarm loudspeakers

The precise announcements from voice alarm systems save lives in the event of a fire – if the information comes across clearly and comprehensibly.

This is exactly what VdS-Approval ensures, brand new for three Pan Acoustics loudspeakers.


Press Release 12/2023

Cologne/Germany, May 3rd 2023. Every three seconds a fire breaks out somewhere in the world. In shopping centres, underground stations or hospitals, seconds can decide whether the many people who are unfamiliar with the surroundings will be rescued. Precise information and targeted instructions from voice alarm systems save lives in these situations – if they are clear and comprehensible in every crisis situation. This is ensured by the VdS-Approval which German Pan Acoustics GmbH has now received for three variants of its EVAC loudspeakers. 

"Congratulations to the Pan developers for the Approval of three passive loudspeakers with crossover," states Ulrich Rabe, head of fire detection laboratories at Europe's largest institute for safety. "Sound pressure level, frequency response, durability, protection classes and many other specifications – all completely fulfilled, even after artificial ageing as well as under difficult environmental conditions. And the European standards, in this case EN 54-24, are included, as always with VdS. Everything from a single source.“ 

Udo Borgmann, CEO at Pan Acoustics, emphasises: "VdS is one of the world's most renowned institutions for safety. Their engineers test systems thoroughly, which is absolutely right and extremely important. The evidently high quality of our Pan EVAC loudspeakers is clearly proven by VdS: Unrestricted quality for critical systems."

All details on the VdS-approved loudspeakers can be found at www.pan-acoustics.de/en.


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