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Reliable Infrared Cameras

First VdS product Guidelines for IR cameras in fire protection

In order to provide reliable safety solutions also in particularly challenging applications, VdS has developed Guidelines for ef-fective IR camera devices for temperature monitoring.

Cologne/Germany, April 1 2022. In the critical environmental conditions of industrial and recycling plants or waste disposal sites, conventional fire detection technology often reaches its limits. IR cameras are increasingly being used there to detect thermal anomalies at an early stage. Yet, there are no ISO or EN standards for these products. Therefore VdS has published requirements and test methods for these applications.

"In order to provide safe solutions also for these challenging areas, we have developed a test procedure that assesses the effectiveness of IR camera devices. In addition to reliable response behaviour, the resistance of the components to various environmental influences is also verified," explains Rafael Bernsdorf, head of the VdS laboratories for special fire detection products.

The new Guidelines VdS 3878, „IR-Camera Devices for Temperature Monitoring, Requirements and Test Methods” can be downloaded free of charge from vds-shop.de (there you also find the publication for planning and installation, VdS 3189). The innovative Guidelines of Europe's largest institute for fire protection have often formed the basis for later EU and other international safety standards, which makes them even more interesting for manufacturers.