International partnership for safety:

VdS and FM Global intensify cooperation

The mutual technical exchange between VdS and FM Global in the field of Fire Prevention and Protection has already been taking place in joint working groups for several years. Now the collaboration has been extended to include the coordination of German versions of selected "Property Loss Prevention Data Sheets" from FM Global. The jointly prepared regulations define the requirements for the planning, installation and operation of sprinkler systems.

Cologne/Germany, November 11th 2020. The implementation of a consistently high quality of fire prevention and protection testing requires exact and unambiguous terminology, which makes a standardised testing process possible in the first place. In the past, deviations could therefore occur in the interpretation of tests by VdS or FM Global, which could be a hindrance to the comparability of the test results in every detail. Against this background, FM Global has translated some data sheets into German and, together with VdS, adapted four central data sheets to the German "sprinkler wording". These data sheets describe the most important requirements for sprinkler systems, which make up a large part of the extinguishing systems used in industry today. In the current quarter the translations on will be updated to the latest version.

"With the word-precise coordination of testing standards for sprinkler systems, VdS and FM Global not only offer a significant plus in planning and process reliability for companies. The main benefit is that VdS inspectors can also inspect systems that have been built on the basis of the FM Global framework. Of course, the same also applies vice versa," explains Claas Baier, division manager of the Technical Inspection Centre at VdS. "In this way, considerable efficiency and cost advantages can be unlocked for our customers in a specific case," he adds.

"Both FM Global and VdS have their roots in the insurance industry. That is why we have a number of similarities when it comes to the basic approach to fire risk assessment," emphasises Ludger Tegeler, Operations Chief Engineer at FM Global. "We want to continue the dialog with VdS in the future and see interesting points of contact in many detailed questions of fire prevention and protection technology," continues Ludger Tegeler.

One example is the revised VdS CEA 4001, which is expected to appear in a reworked version in January 2021. FM Global representatives have also contributed their know-how in the field of flammable liquids to this guideline.