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VdS awards first certification for network locks in distributed systems

In times of increasingly targeted cyber-attacks, all products that are connected via networks are exposed to rising threats. However, the TwinLock® B-DS, TwinLock® C-DS and TwinLock® D-DS electronic high-security locks have impressively demonstrated their high standards in a rigorous test procedure. INSYS locks has thus now received the first certification for network locks in distributed systems in accordance with the VdS 3841 : 2022-10 guidelines.


Press Release 33/2023

Cologne, December 11th, 2023. Software-supported lock systems make it possible to manage, control and monitor numerous secure storage units in a shared network efficiently and regardless of location. A reliable and robust level of security plays a crucial role in their use, as professional cyber criminals try to detect and exploit potential vulnerabilities. 

The VdS 3841 guidelines for mechanical security devices focus on precisely such distributed systems: They test the security-relevant functions of high-security locks where the components are connected via a wired or wireless transmission system in order to carry out operating procedures using different access options.

As a result, the TwinLock® lock systems B-DS, C-DS and D-DS were able to successfully implement the requirements set by VdS in classes 2, 3 and 4 for distributed systems in the test procedure. These include cryptography and other information security measures, user authentication and tamper detection. In addition, certification under the requirements of the EN 17646 : 2022 standard was fulfilled. This means that the TwinLock®-DS locks have an overall first-class level of security for use in secure storage units.

"We would like to congratulate INSYS locks on the first - and so far only - VdS certification of its network locks in distributed systems in accordance with the latest guidelines. Our seal of quality confirms that this provider offers high-quality, state-of-the-art security solutions," says VdS Managing Director Thomas Urban.

"The security and quality of our solutions is our top priority. To guarantee this, we rely on independent certifications. Certifications such as VDS 3841 are an important decision-making basis for our clients, as they guarantee that our solutions meet the highest security standards," explains Mario Bauer, Head of Development and Customer Service at INSYS locks. "The updatability of each individual component also means future and investment security, also in terms of IT Security. I am delighted that we can underpin this claim with the current VdS certification. Our innovative system functionalities and optimised processes are also based on this VdS certification and thus offer our clients significant added value.”

You can download the VdS 3841 guidelines at: vds-shop.de

Caption: VdS Managing Director Thomas Urban (left) and Günther Grundmann, Head of Security Laboratories, (2nd from right) hand over the VdS 3841 certification to Mario Bauer, Head of Development & Customer Service at INSYS, (2nd from left) and Detlef Lücke, Head of INSYS locks (right). 



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