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First VdS-Approval for fluorine-free extinguishing foam

First environment-friendly alternative to fluorine-containing and therefore persistent foam agents now offered by Dr. Sthamer

– with full extinguishing performance, precisely proven by Europe's No.1 for fire protection.


Press Release 17/2022

Cologne/Germany, 01. June 2022. When extinguishing systems protect risks involving e.g. plastics or flammable liquids, the use of foam agents is almost indispensable. Using those, many materials can be extinguished more efficiently or even at all. However, these foams often contain per/poly-fluorinated chemicals – persistent and toxic, so that manufacturers and users are actively looking for environmentally friendly solutions, also because of the increasingly tightened legal limits.

Such solutions are now offered by Fabrik chemischer Präparate von Dr. Richard Sthamer GmbH & Co. KG: The Hamburg-based company has received the world's first VdS-Approvals for fully fluorine-free and virtually completely biodegradable extinguishing foam concentrates. The products are approved to effectively protect the above mentioned risks.

Frank Bzdega, head of the VdS laboratories for water extinguishing systems, explains: "We congratulate the Sthamer team on these innovative and above all ecological developments. Efficiency tests with sprinkler-system like foam application, laboratory analyses for the performance ratings according to EN 1568 and biological as well as chemical tests down to the molecular components prove optimal effectiveness with equally high application safety for humans and environment."

The Guidelines VdS 3124 for Approval of foam agents can be downloaded free of charge at vds-shop.de.