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Tested quality made visible

VdS-certificates for products, companies and specialists

In the safety and security market, it is becoming increasingly difficult for both commercial and private consumers to distinguish high quality products and services from less performing ones.

The VdS seal of approval creates orientation and trust - and thus benefits providers and consumers alike. The VdS certification documents maximum quality and reliability of products and services. It gives manufacturers and service providers a clear positioning and thus a decisive competitive advantage in the market. The VdS seal gives consumers the certainty that they have made the right purchase decision.

Numerous accreditations not only certify VdS's outstanding competence, but also stand for the greatest possible independence and reliable, objective assessments.


Certificates for all of Europe from a single source


VdS is Europe's number one for the certification of technology to protect against fire and burglary. Professionals worldwide rely on our strengths. We operate laboratories with high-quality equipment, in which type and system tests are carried out on products. We certify products for fire protection und security.
Our good reputation worldwide results, besides the use of modern technology and innovative test methods, mainly from the comprehensive competence and the long experience of our engineers. We cover the entire value-added chain from the testing of the prototype to the VdS-approved end product.
VdS is not only the European market leader. It is also the competence leader. Because safety is also a matter of experience.


International standards

Management systems

The certification of QM systems in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 provides the customers with the necessary confidence in a consistently high quality - especially for VdS approved products and services. For this reason, VdS requires proof of a certified QM system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 in the context of product and installer approval procedures.. Only companies that meet the high expectations of their customers on a long-term basis also achieve a high degree of customer satisfaction and thus bind their customers in the long term.

The BS OHSAS 18001 standard provides a systematic approach to protecting and empowering our employees. Personal protection, occupational health and safety and health care are at the forefront here. A great advantage of BS OHSAS 18001 is offered to companies that have already installed a quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. Both sets of rules can be perfectly combined into an integrated management system.



Planning, installation and maintenance

Installation companies

VdS has been certifying the reliability of security technology that detects and extinguishes fires or stops burglars for over 100 years. However, the best product cannot protect if mistakes are made during planning and installation.

That is why VdS certifies installation companies. Comprehensive tests as well as practical skills tested directly on site ensure that you can rely on VdS-approved experts - from equipment to execution quality, from planning to maintenance.

VdS offers approval procedures for installers and specialist companies in the following fields of competence

  • Fire protection (extinguishing, fire alarm and smoke extraction systems) and
  • Security (intrusion detection systems, video surveillance systems and mechanical security technology)


Risk- und Crisis management

Specialist Planner for Emergency Response

Consulting and services by professional planners and engineering offices should focus on supporting companies and organisations in the field of safety and security, and in all relevant areas on a defined level of quality.

The new guidelines VdS 3104 set out the requirements on specialist planners in the field of  safety and security:



Quick action in case of alarm

Security service provider

These companies have all the necessary structural, technical and human resources to organise an optimal alarm response. They are a decisive part of the so-called "security technology", which provides efficient hazard prevention for a protected object. The certified companies are able to take a much more comprehensive view of specific risks, have precisely tailored local knowledge and align their services much more specifically to the wishes of their clients than the police are even allowed to do - naturally in compliance with all standard requirements.



Electrical installations

Experts and professionals

About 30% of the fires registered by property insurers occur due to deficiencies in electrical installations. These fires could very likely be avoided if the electrical installation is flawless. For this purpose, however, they must be planned, installed and subjected to regular tests and maintenance by a VdS-approved expert.

VdS offers approval procedures for experts and skilled workers for various fields and qualification levels.