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Draft guideline for consultation

Guidelines for Li-Ion Batteries in the context of Sprinkler systems – CEA 4001-TB-003 (Draft)


This technical bulletin is intended to be used in combination with CEA 4001. It completes the CEA 4001 rule by providing specific requirement for Li-Ion Batteries storage.

Testing and research are ongoing. The provided design criteria for sprinkler protection reflects the current (2022) research and design status that are based on tests conducted on Li-Ion batteries.

Until further test and research, the guidelines in this TB should also be applicable to Li-polymer and Li-Fe-Phosphate.

Objection deadline: 17th of August, 2022

This bulletin is ready for comments in a consultation period, where stakeholders could make their input for the final version. Please note that we can only consider comments that reach us using the comment form available below.

Please send to Géraldine Guichard.


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