VdS 3188

Revised VdS-support for the increasingly important water mist systems

VdS-Guidelines combine 112 years of loss prevention experience with highest German engineering skills. The renowned support for the planning & installation of water mist systems, VdS 3188en, has now been fully updated to new hazards and capabilities.

Cologne/Germany, May 4th 2020.Decisive factor in successful fire-fighting: the immediate response. This can only be ensured by reliable extinguishing technology. Water mist systems considerably increase the effect of the H2O used and thus achieve a rapid cooling effect by generating very small water droplets. Radiant heat is effectively absorbed and in the area of the combustion zone, evaporation achieves partial inertization.

The safe planning, installation and handling of those complex technologies is ensured by the Guidelines VdS 3188en, published five years ago as the very first European standard for the increasingly important systems. They have now been extensively revised. New support issues include, for example, water supply and filters, the use of foaming agents, or the operating time corresponding with the prEN 14972. The VdS 3188 now also feature concepts for wall sprinklers in offices and common areas specified in real fire tests.

“Our core task while updating the Guidelines to the latest findings in technology as well as hazards: easing reliable safety”, states Christian Kopp, expert for water mist systems at Europe´s largest fire protection certifier. “To simplify the work processes of installers, insurers and authorities, the revision of course offers proven reliability as well as the usual compactness and transparency our partners are accustomed to.”

The revised VdS 3188en, “Water Mist Sprinkler Systems and Water Mist Extinguishing Systems (High Pressure Systems), Planning and Installation” are now available at vds-shop.de/en .