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VdS Protection Concepts

Severe weather events can cause considerable damage and seriously threaten the existence of businesses.

Climate scientists predict a future increase in the number and intensity of extreme weather events. Appropriate safeguards help to avoid damage to life, health and property and become increasingly important in the context of extreme weather events.

The loss prevention concepts of VdS support your risk management in safeguards against floods, storm and lightning. The concepts to identify and evaluate new and existing risks are developed in close cooperation with experts from the relevant business sectors, and with authorities and experts. The VdS publications listed here can be downloaded free of charge. Printed copies can be ordered from the web-shop of our publishing house.

Protection against flooding

The flood events of recent years on the Elbe and Oder rivers have shown that flooding can cause considerable material damage and can seriously endanger the existence of many companies. For the future, climate researchers predict an increase in the number and intensity of extreme weather events that can lead to flooding.

Mobile flood protection systems: Procurement, deployment, provision

Experience shows that damage caused by flooding can be considerably limited by preventive measures. Stationary protective measures have proved particularly effective. Mobile protection systems can supplement or, if necessary, replace stationary systems if these are not possible due to operational or spatial boundary conditions.

The VdS 6001 guidelines show which mobile protective systems are suitable for the various application scenarios.

Storm: Danger for structural facilities

Damage to roofs regularly results in the loss of the protective effect against wetness and cold. As a result, the overall damage, especially to the contents of commercial and industrial buildings, can be considerably greater. Severe damage or even loss of the roof may also decisively weaken the stability of the entire structure so that it can be completely destroyed.

Lightning and surge protection

In Germany, there are 2 million lightning bolts per year - a common natural phenomenon that can strike anyone. Direct or indirect effects of lightning and overvoltages are, for example, fires or the destruction of equipment (especially with electronic components) as well as malfunctions in computer systems.

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