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The new ZÜRS portal

With the new ZÜRS application you can use the contained data and functions even more efficiently

The online application has been fundamentally revised and now appears with a modern, user-friendly interface in a "responsive design". The application can also be used on mobile devices (10-inch tablets), including the positioning functions.

What is new?

The location search

Extended search function, which also allows searching for objects, coordinates in different projections or building ID

The result reports

The results of environmental, flood and other analyses can now be summarised in a single report

Area locations

In addition to analyses for point locations, areas (building and land areas) can now also be analysed


A function with "2-views" allows the simultaneous display of an object in different maps and data sets

Personal settings

Settings can be saved in projects to recall them later or share the projects with others

An image memory allows to insert different maps as well as own images into reports

The image memory

An image memory allows to insert different maps as well as own images into reports


Fire protection

Distances of buildings or own areas can be analysed automatically

External map services

Searching and adding internal and external map services has been simplified

Example of a flood analysis

The flood hazard analysis allows the visualisation of flood hazards on official maps or aerial photographs and allows individual inquiries with selectable level of detail for all locations in Germany. Even large lists of addresses or coordinates can be enriched. Further tools allow, for example, the analysis of height information or the prediction of above-ground flow paths.

Example of an environmental liability analysis

Surrounding protected areas can be analysed to assess environmental hazards. The distances to protected areas are determined and classified. Freely selectable analysis radii (up to 10 km) are displayed cartographically.

A lot of detailed information on protected areas is also available in ZÜRS Geo.

Example of a heavy rain analysis

The heavy rain zoning has been newly implemented since 2019 and for the first time enables German insurers to assess the risk of heavy rain in a uniform manner.

How can I use ZÜRS?

ZÜRS Geo GDV can be used by all member companies of the German Insurance Association GDV (Gesamtverbandes der Deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft e.V. (GDV).

Employees and exclusive representatives of licensed companies can contact the responsible administrator for user administration in their company online to activate ZÜRS Geo.
Companies that would like to license ZÜRS Geo please contact

+49 (0)221 77 66 - 6312
+49 (0)221 77 66 - 6313