ZÜRS Geo, the zoning system for flood, backwater and heavy rain, bundles insurance-relevant geo-data and provides an objective basis for internal risk assessment and premium calculation.

Recent floods and heavy rainfall events have proven that floods have an enormous loss potential. Already after the devastating floods of the Oder and Neisse rivers in 1997, the German Insurance Association GDV and its members agreed that Germany relies on a uniform assessment of flood risks to solve this problem.

Since then, the ZÜRS system has been identifying site-related hazards and enabling insurance companies to make a uniform, address-specific assessment of, among other things, flood risks directly from their desks. The standard application is used by almost all companies in the insurance market for building and household insurance with the share of natural hazard insurance.

The geo-information system offers an exact, comprehensive assessment for any location - throughout Germany:

The data

For location searches, the system contains Germany-wide address data for over 21 million locations. The set of addresses and coordinates comes from the official house coordinates Germany (HK-DE) and is consolidated with data from other sources (including Deutsche Post Direkt) to improve and ensure quality.

In addition to the address data, ZÜRS provides a database of more than 55 million buildings , which contain further building attributes and can be used for supplementary risk analysis. The official building envelopes (LOD1) are used.

The ZÜRS zones describe the general hazard situation caused by river flooding as a function of the average statistical probability of occurrence.

The data of the official flood zones and the flood hazard maps are updated and newly compiled annually in consultation with the water management authorities. Thus ZÜRS is the only system on the market with area-wide flood data which are annually compared with the data of the water management authorities.

Heavy rainfall can also lead to high levels of damage away from water bodies. With ZÜRS Geo Germany-wide assessments of the risk of heavy rainfall are possible.

The heavy rain hazard zones divide the danger of heavy rain into 3 zones. The data is mainly based on landform classes, which take into account the relative gradient or height differences depending on different large regions (lowlands, low mountain ranges, high mountains).

The proximity of 50m around the watercourse centre line was additionally used for the compilation of the heavy rainfall hazard, so that continuous zoning is also possible in valley locations. Thus, underground water courses can also be shown in the heavy rainfall hazard maps and used for the hazard assessment.

Comprehensive and area-wide environmental protection area data (e.g. FFH areas, water protection areas) allow a detailed analysis of the environmental risk for all sites in Germany. For German sites, protected areas in neighbouring European countries can also be queried.

So-called distance classes are used to assess the environmental risk. This enables the concrete distance information to protected areas to be classified uniformly.

In ZÜRS Geo there is a range of further data which can help to locate locations and complement analyses. These include various background services as well as detailed height information, information on earthquakes or snow loads and current map services from the authorities of the federal states and the Federal Republic of Germany. The data of the German Insurance Association GDV regional classifications are also included in ZÜRS Geo and can be used for individual and inventory analyses.

How can I use ZÜRS?

There are different ways of provisioning

ZÜRS Geo Online

Interactive geo-data application for individual risk assessment and for enriching address and coordinate lists

ZÜRS Geo mobile

Interactive geo-data application for mobile use on 10-inch tablets

ZÜRS Compact

Database version with all address and street locations in Germany for integration into internal company software (semicolon-separated text file)

ZÜRS interfaces

Map and analysis services as standard interfaces for machine-to-machine communication (REST and SOAP analysis services and WMS map services)

ZÜRS Geo GDV can be ordered by all member companies of the Gesamtverbandes der Deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft e.V. (GDV) (German Insurance Association GDV).

Employees and exclusive representatives of licensed companies can contact the responsible administrator for user administration in their company online to activate ZÜRS Geo.
Companies that would like to license ZÜRS Geo please contact zuers@vds.de.

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