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Only Those Who Know the Hazards Can Protect Themselves

Flood pass

Germany experiences increasingly extreme weather conditions with heavy rain, backwater or flooding which can pose a risk to buildings and people.

Past floods have illustrated the considerable damage caused by a flood, where the existence of many people was literally washed away. According to the opinion of leading climatologists damage caused by summer storms, hail, flash floods and flooding will be in the future two to three times higher than today. Nevertheless, 90% of Germans think themselves safe against natural hazards - a misconception because even apart from major rivers, there is a risk of heavy rain and backwater. For example, 50% of the flood damage of the flood disaster in 2013 originated in regions away from large bodies of water.

With the flood pass, homeowners can get an idea of the individual risk situation of their home. Interested parties can obtain an initial self-disclosure on the risk situation conveniently online - without obligation and free of charge. The undefined online questionnaire of the Hochwasser­Kompetenz­Centrum (HKC) e.V. provides information on the condition, location and damage history of the building. This is followed by free information on the building's risk situation.

On request, the information can be checked on site by VdS-certified experts at a charge before the flood pass is issued to you in the proper manner. The pass classifies the flood risk of a property due to flooding, heavy rainfall and sewer backwater using a concise colour scale from green (no danger) to red (high danger). In addition, information is provided on protection measures. Owners are given a direct and comprehensive overview of the flood risk of a property, which can, for example, serve as the basis for a risk-appropriate elementary insurance against damage caused by floods and heavy rain. The pass includes a well-founded risk assessment and can therefore also be relevant when selling a property.

We will be happy to provide you with a free and non-binding offer, which you can request from us with an online enquiry. Just have the file with the results of the self-disclosure ready.

The four steps to your flood pass

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