VdS-Schadenverhuetung Naturgefahren

For Banks, Brokers and the Financial Sector

ZÜRS Geo Sector

ZÜRS Geo Division offers brokers, banks and interested parties from the financial and real estate industry a fast evaluation of locations by means of high quality geo data.

ZÜRS Geo Division shows flood-prone areas for the whole of Germany and allows a clear and fast risk assessment for each location. ZÜRS is the only system on the market that provides area-wide flood data which is compared annually with the data of the water management authorities. Similar to the provision of data in the ZÜRS Geo GDV Portal for insurers, ZÜRS Geo Division provides access to exclusive and valuable data for the financial and real estate industry. The information portal is specially optimised for the target group and offers tailored services and adapted system interfaces.

Access to the application, which is subject to a fee, requires registration on the website www.zuers-solutions.de und die Freischaltung durch VdS (see terms of use (pdf)).

Highest data quality

Unique data

ZÜRS Geo Branche is characterised by exact, high-quality prepared data and guarantees a high data accuracy and actuality. ZÜRS is the only system on the market that provides area-wide flood data, which are annually compared with the data of the water management authorities.

The system contains nationwide address data for more than 21 million locations for location searches. The address and coordinate set originates from the official house coordinates Germany (HK-DE) and is consolidated with data from other sources (e.g. Deutsche Post Direkt) to increase and assure quality.


In addition to a small, one-off setup fee, user fees are only charged if a risk analysis is called up. Any usage fees are invoiced once a quarter.

Risk awareness

Risk awareness

The precise and reliable geo-data help to assess site-related natural hazards before signing a contract. A detailed risk assessment of individual locations is particularly relevant in the context of real estate financing and for the exact determination of the mortgage lending value of the potential property.

The risk assessment is also suitable for large portfolios and offers the possibility of uniformly evaluating inventory data with regard to savings potential and the equity ratio. The risk assessment of properties is also an important source of information within the scope of the "Pfandbrief Act", which stipulates an insurance obligation for the property lent against in accordance with §15.

Integration into own systems

The high-quality geo-data on flood hazards can be directly integrated into your business processes via standardised interfaces. This allows you to use the information directly for the assessment of an object or for the automated creation of an offer.  With the transfer of a site, the desired additional information is transferred to your system in real time.

Functions and Risk Classification

ZÜRS Geo Sector is characterised by simple and intuitive usability and quick and precise delivery of results. The risk location is searched by address specification and optionally visualised on road maps, aerial maps or topographical maps. The flood risk of the specified location is subsequently determined as an explicit assignment of hazard class. For documentation, a print-optimised PDF file with a map section and a listing of the risk characteristics is generated. The hazard to the location by flooding is identified in four zones. The risk classification of ZÜRS Geo Sector adheres to the common and standardised hazard classes (hazard class 1 to 4), which are used nationwide in the insurance industry. The grading of the hazard ranges from hazard class 1 (very low) to hazard class 4 (high risk) and is based on the statistical probability of a flood. In addition to the hazard classes of flooding, it is also determined whether the location is in a stream or island zone. A stream zone is identified by flowing waters, where no information on flood hazards is available, but point to an increased risk of heavy rain. An island zone is designated for locations on one of the German North and Baltic Sea islands.

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