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Severe weather events in Germany are increasing in strength and intensity and cause damage in the billions, that will double and possibly even triple by the turn of the century.

The information portal Meteorological Information (Meteo-Info) provides to insurers, appraisers and experts, much comprehensive data on all damage-related meteorological issues. The fast and precise inspection of weather-related causes has proven its worth particularly in cases of losses. It includes simple plausibility checks as well as science-based and reproducible evaluations which are also suitable for use in court. According to a customer survey, the portal has a recommendation rate of 95.5%.

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Diverse Meteorological Modules and Scaling Levels

Has a weather event taken place at all? Is the cause of the loss plausible? Every loss event is different. With Meteo-Info, the range of possibilities extends from simple weather queries about a specific location and time period to scientifically sound evaluations.

Weather data

Information about lightning events as well as weather data such as wind speeds, temperature minima and precipitation amounts of a location.


Our analyses consolidate various parameters with which well-founded statements can be made about the plausibility of damage caused by meteorological events (e.g. lightning, hail, storm).

Expert opinion

In our meteorological reports, which can be used in court, the weather conditions for a loss location are analysed precisely and individually by qualified meteorologists.


All services of Meteo-Info can be integrated via customisable interfaces into company-owned applications, e.g. for claims processing.

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