VdS-Schadenverhuetung Naturgefahren

New VdS-product, soon available!

Natural hazards thought ahead:

The new Geo- and Weather Data Portal

GeoVeris is a fully-developed geoinformation system focusing on natural site risks and weather events. Loss adjusters, property valuers and risk managers receive all important information on the risk situation of a property or on weather-related causes of loss in just a few steps - if desired, even directly via interface integration.

Compared to the old applications Meteo-Info and ZÜRS Solutions, the user interface and the localisation of addresses and properties in particular have been optimised. Another important innovation: The order and query process allows the analysis of several parameters at the same time. Thus, cross-topic location analyses for a selected location are now possible.


Meteo-Info and ZÜRS Solutions merge into one new portal

What's new? Your customer benefits with GeoVeris

Best address search and easy assignment to objects of all kinds


User-friendly and modern interface in a responsive design

Reduced complexity - with few steps to the goal

New data and functions such as list processing

Event and risk parameters at a glance

GeoVeris is the data carousel for geo and weather data. With our GeoVeris event queries you can find information on all common weather events that may be the cause of a loss. Depending on the parameters, you can distinguish between different degrees of scaling (weather station data/lightning data, plausibility analyses and expert reports). In the GeoVeris risk queries, you can now query an assessment of the risk situation of any address in Germany for two new categories in addition to flood.

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