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Online portals

Natural hazard assessment and loss review at the click of a mouse

VdS Meteo-Info

The information portal Meteo-Info offers insurers, surveyors and experts comprehensive data on all damage-relevant meteorological issues. The portal provides a fast and precise check of weather-related causes of damage within the scope of regulation.


VdS ZÜRS Solutions

ZÜRS Solutions offers brokers, banks and interested parties from the finance and real estate industry a fast evaluation of locations by means of high quality geo data. ZÜRS Geo Branche shows flood endangered areas for the whole of Germany and allows a clear and fast risk assessment for each location.


VdS GeoVeris

In the course of the year 2020 the VdS systems Meteo-Info and ZÜRS Solutions will merge to the new joint application GeoVeris. The modern and user-friendly portal offers comprehensive information on the risk situation of an object and the weather situation on a specific day and location in just a few steps.



ZÜRS Geo, the zoning system for flood, backwater and heavy rain, bundles insurance-relevant geodata and provides an objective basis for internal risk assessment and premium calculation. The offer is addressed to member companies of the GDV.


With the online portals of VdS you can carry out comprehensive location analyses or meteorological queries conveniently from your desk. In many cases, this saves you time-consuming and costly on-site inspections. All VdS portals offer modern interfaces for integration into your in-house systems.

    Head of Department

    +49 (0)221 77 66 - 6465