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VdS-Field of Competence Natural Hazards


Only those who know the risks can act appropriately.

The services provided by VdS offer the best possible support in checking claims caused by weather events and assessing natural hazards.

Relevant studies predict a trend towards more and more extreme and frequent severe weather events such as heavy rain or storms. Natural hazards must therefore be an integral part of companies' holistic risk management. Rising loss figures also mean a rethink of established processes in the finance and insurance industry. The services provided by VdS provide a fast and comprehensive basis for evaluation.


Other VdS-services in the field of natural hazards

VdS GeoRiskReport

Compact analysis for businesses and companies

VdS GeoRiskReport

A site-related analysis and evaluation of natural hazards provides the basis for an appropriate and preventive handling of natural hazards. With the VdS GeoRiskReport, any location in Germany is examined by geographers for various natural and environmental hazards. The results are documented in a clearly arranged report, both in writing and cartographically.


VdS-protection concepts

For trade and industry

VdS-protection concepts

The damage and loss prevention concepts of VdS support your risk management in safety precautions against floods, storms and lightning. The concepts for identifying and assessing new and existing risks are developed in close cooperation with experts from the affected business sectors, with authorities and experts.

VdS Private personal provisioning

For homeowners

Private personal provisioning

Only those who are aware of the danger of flooding can protect themselves effectively against it. VdS presents two offers that raise awareness of flood hazards and provide comprehensive knowledge about the hazard situation of the home and corresponding protection options.

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