Quality Management

Non-Police Emergency Response

A new service offered by VdS is the certification of quality management systems (QMS) in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 in the field of non-police emergency response for:

  • Professional and volunteer fire departments.
  • Company fire departments.
  • Emergency services.
  • Patient transport companies.
  • Their control centres.

In the context of improving quality and efficiency in the field of non-police emergency response a future-oriented organisation cannot ignore the issue of quality. Due to the general scarcity of financial resources a company is strongly committed to stay up to date, which means dealing carefully with available resources. It does not matter whether it relates to voluntary or regular employees, control buildings, vehicles, equipment or to a household budget.

Quality management means, amongst other things, clear rules, uniform standards, traceable operational procedures, transparent reporting, highly motivated forces, preventive measures to avoid mistakes and continuous improvement.

The protected public as taxpayers, as well as service providers such as insurers and health insurance companies, as well as the statutory responsible bearer and their administration and political groups are at the centre of attention. For a successful emergency response all the participants in the functional chain comprising of technology and people must cope with the versatile stresses. VdS has operated since 1992 an internationally active, accredited certification institution for quality management systems in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001, mainly in the sectors "around safety and security", among others for installers and specialist companies for intrusion- and fire alarm systems, manufacturers in the field of fire protection and security, private security companies, emergency and service control centres, and fire and rescue services. Our permanently employed auditors have specialist skills and many years of experience in the area of the entire fire and rescue service and are competent partners for all issues relating to the certification. Bringing their experiences with them the auditors accompany you before, during and after certification and help you to make your quality management systems effective.

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