Information Security

The logical consequence as the next stage of expansion after the VdS Cyber-Services Quick-Check, Quick-Audit and Certification Audit in accordance with VdS 10000 is the establishment of an information security management system in accordance with ISO 27001, the globally recognised requirement level for the establishment of such a management system.

Almost all companies rely on their information technology (IT) systems to support their business processes. However, hardly a day goes by without news of hacker attacks, cyber attacks, critical data loss or data misuse in the media. Protect yourself against these increasing, invisible risks with a comprehensive, systematic approach that will noticeably raise your level of IT security. Avoid a situation in which your business operations are paralysed by criminal energy and your competitors pass you by in the time it takes to establish regular operations. ISO 27001 takes an approach to protecting confidential data and maintaining data integrity and availability.

Our exclusively permanently employed, experienced, highly qualified, independent and impartial auditors guarantee you an efficient audit and a high degree of objectivity. The accreditation of this certification program is currently in preparation. Our locations in Cologne, Berlin, Frankfurt and Nuremberg guarantee cost-effective travel to your company.

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