VdS-Schadenverhuetung CyberSecurity

Information processing for small and medium-sized enterprises

VdS Quick-Audit for information security

Based on the results of the VdS Quick-Checks for information security management systems, supplemented if necessary by the results of the VdS Quick-Check for manufacturing companies (ICS), our auditors examine the cyber security measures taken in your company on site. The VdS Quick-Audit is particularly suitable for smaller companies and usually takes one day. We will inform you in detail in advance about how the procedure runs from the commissioning to the issuing of the audit certificate. We would be happy to provide you with an individual offer.

The audit report after completion of the investigation shows point by point which measures are already working and reveals existing gaps. Of course you will also receive suggestions for improving your cyber security. On request, we will come back to you to check the open points.

In contrast to the self-reports of the Quick-Check, the Quick-Audit report is prepared by an independent party. In conjunction with the VdS conformity test, it is therefore a valuable component in your precautions to meet the requirements of information security. Since the VdS Quick-Audit is a snapshot, we recommend that you repeat the Quick-Audit at appropriate intervals. Then you will know whether the measures taken keep pace with the development of your company and changing threat situations. And you can concentrate fully on your core business again.

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