VdS-Schadenverhuetung CyberSecurity

Including certification

With the platinum package into the top league of information security.

The Platinum Package replaces the VdS-Quick-Audit included in the Gold Package with an extended audit module, the VdS 10000 Certification Audit.

Since the Platinum Package also includes the module for internal scans, an increased level of IT security - in particular the existence of an emergency concept with corresponding data backup and clear communication rules - should already be demonstrably in place.

The VdS-10000-Certification

Depending on the size of the company, an audit lasting several days by our information security auditors in accordance with the certifiable VdS requirements guidelines VdS-10000 is a central component of the platinum package. The award-winning VdS-10000 guidelines are based on ISO 27001 and the BSI Basic Protection Compendium and offer a recognised ISMS standard for small and medium-sized companies and public institutions. Upward compatibility is guaranteed: If you are aiming for an ISO 27001 or BSI Basic Protection Certificate at a later date, the VdS-10000 certification already covers important partial aspects on which you can build solidly. 

The certificate acquired after successful completion of the audit has a term of 3 years and reliably maintains the level of protection achieved through annual monitoring audits. With the VdS-10000 certificate you document your effective commitment to all interested parties against the threats from cyberspace. Clearly declare information security a top priority - with the platinum package from VdS Schadenverhütung.

You can find information on accompanying consulting during the implementation phase and on tailor-made training offers here.

VdS-guidelines for Cyber-Security




VdS-Guidelines for Cyber-Security

Guidelines (requirements)