VdS-Schadenverhuetung CyberSecurity

Comprehensive protection

With the Gold Package we put your IT security level through its paces.

The core element of the measures in the Gold Package is, in addition to all modules of the Silver Package, an internal vulnerability scan, which is carried out at your premises and puts your entire IT infrastructure under the microscope. Completely.

The internal scan

In an IP number range specified by you, various security gaps of the existing operating systems or services running on the hosts to be scanned can be found. The scan library used is constantly updated, so that you can effectively prevent critical security holes, hacked servers, data theft and manipulation. The scan usually runs concurrently with the on-site audit module, so no additional time resources are required. You will receive a results report, on the basis of which we explain any critical points that may exist.

However, this measure is associated with a low risk of failure for the systems examined, so that an increased IT security level - in particular the existence of an emergency concept with corresponding data backup and clear communication rules - should already be proven.

Information on accompanying consulting during the implementation phase and on tailor-made training offers can be found here.

VdS-guidelines for Cyber-Security




VdS-Guidelines for Cyber-Security

Guidelines (requirements)

Guidelines (procedure)