VdS-Schadenverhuetung CyberSecurity

The Entry Level

With the Bronze Package you get your employees on board.

Most cyber attacks start with a phishing e-mail, which is now virtually indistinguishable from standard business correspondence.

That's why the addressees - your own employees - are among the biggest cyber risks in the company. By raising awareness through training, you will already achieve a significantly increased security level.

It is just as important in a first step to uncover further internal weaknesses and to analyse the IT structure visible from the outside. We offer you all this as an introduction with our bronze package solution - including initial recommendations for action to increase resilience in the company. The modules of the Bronze Package in detail:

Online training for you and your employees

If you choose the Bronze Package, we will ask you to provide the following information when you place your order using the online form (see below): Your company name, the number of employees to be trained, desired start date of training and up to two personalised email addresses of the people who will set up your personal campaign manager.

After conclusion of the contract and transmission of the necessary information, you will promptly receive the access data for the Campaign Manager, where you can create the employees to be trained and view their training status in the future. Your registered employees now have the opportunity to complete the designated topics within two months in succession and to conclude with a performance review.

This results in a total training period of 12 months, starting with your desired date. The training courses cover the following six topics:


  •     E-mail, spam and phishing
  •     Authentication and password management
  •     Surfing and Downloads
  •     Clean desk policy and confidential documents
  •     Social engineering
  •     Basic data protection regulation


You can find the campaign manager here.


Select the well-known instant analysis for your office IT, the Quick-Check for Cyber-Security, at vds-quick-check.de. The website guides you through the subject areas of organisation, technology, prevention and management by means of 39 questions.

After answering the questions you will receive two graphically prepared report formats: A short overview for the quick identification of possible weaknesses and a detailed report with specific levels of compliance and concrete recommendations for action. With these, you can start implementation immediately to effectively increase your level of protection.

The external Scan (DNS-Scan)

You tell us your domain address - we provide you with a comprehensive, multi-layered real-time scan that covers the following topics related to your Internet presence:

  • Attack resilience
    • Hostnames
    • Internal Systems
    • Open Ports
    • Critical Ports
    • Application Management
  • DDos Stability
    • DNS-DDos
    • Mail-DDos
    • Web-DDos
  • DNS Configuration
    • Administrative Security
    • Operational Security
    • Best Practice
  • Mail Configuration
    • Blacklist Reputation
    • Spoofing Protection
    • Mail TLS (Encryption)
  • Privacy and Reputation
    • Web TLS (Encryption)
    • External References
    • Tracker
    • User Security
    • Domain Reputation
  • Darknet
    • Hack Age
    • Leak Age
    • Policy Violation
    • Spear Fishing Threat
    • Credential Stuffing
    • Blackmail Threat

You will receive a comprehensive report that includes a rating for each topic and warnings if deviations from common standards or best practices are identified. You will also receive a handout that clearly explains the methodology of the analysis and your potential cyber-risks.

With this information you can - as before with the VdS Quick Check - immediately start the implementation to systematically eliminate the weak points. Because: If a threat meets a weak point, danger arises. And this should not happen in your company.


Information on accompanying consulting during the implementation phase and on tailor-made training offers can be found here.

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