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For our certification services and our consultant recognition procedures, we would be happy to provide you with a personalized offer.

All prices are in €, excluding VAT, and include the services specified in the respective description.

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VdS Quick-CheckNet priceOrder
VdS 10005QC8,87 €VdS-Shop
VdS 10000QC8,87 €VdS-Shop
VdS 10010QC8,87 €VdS-Shop
VdS 10020QC8,87 €VdS-Shop
VdS Certification  
VdS 10000 - Information-Security for SMEsOn RequestOrder Form
VdS 10010 - Data Protection for SMEsOn RequestOrder Form
VdS Consultant Accreditation  
VdS 10000 - Consultant for Cyber-SecurityOn RequestOrder Form
VdS 10010 - Consultant for Data ProtechtionOn RequestOrder Form
Testat / Quick-Audit  
VdS 10005 - Certificate for Small and Micro Enterprises599,00 €Order Form
VdS 10000 - Quick-Audit for Information-Security2099,00 €Order Form
VdS 10010 - Quick-Audit for Data Protection2099,00 €Order Form
Solutions & Products  
Security-Scan125,21 €Order Form