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IT-Experts with VdS-approval

Consultants for Cyber-Security

Companies that do not have their own cyber know-how will need external help. VdS expressly recommends that these companies contact a VdS-approved cyber security consultant.

With the new VdS-10003 guidelines, VdS offers IT experts certification as a VdS-approved cyber security consultant. The VdS certification shows that they:

  • are among the top experts in the field of cyber security,
  • know the cyber guidelines VdS-10000 and other relevant VdS protection standards and be able to implement them for their customers
  • have the experience and the knowledge to prepare SMEs precisely technically and organisationally for VdS-certified information security and
  • always have the latest expert knowledge to be a reliable partner in updating and strengthening cyber security

Qualification test

Since December 2016, in order to obtain this VdS approval, it is necessary to pass a professional examination in accordance with VdS 3477 Annex B.

In order to prepare for the exam, we recommend attending the VdS course "VdS 3473 - The Guidelines for Information Security" (predecessor of VdS 10000) in addition to the VdS course. above all, intensive study of the VdS 10000 guidelines and basic knowledge of the central contents of the VdS 2007  and VdS 2333.  Attending the course alone is not sufficient to prepare for the exam.

As a participant of the above mentioned course you have the possibility to take the exam directly after the course. The examination fee is € 390.00 net plus VAT.

If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please fill out the registration form and send it to us. Please note that the declaration of consent must be signed personally by each examinee.

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VdS-Guidelines Cyber-Security Consultant

Registration for the exam

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