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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Information for installers

VdS offers alternative assessment methods for the approval of installers.

VdS will reduce business trips and customer contacts to a minimum and replace currently planned on-site assessments by alternative assessment methods until further notice. This also affects the examination of the professional competence of installers of intruder alarm systems within the framework of the approval procedures in accordance with VdS 2130 and VdS 3403.

In order to nevertheless meet the procedural requirements, to maintain or extend your VdS-approval and to be able to issue certificates in due time, we intend to check your professional competence by means of the following alternative assessment procedures:

  • Verification of the quality of execution of the EMA (modules A, B and C) installed and certified by you in a remote procedure on the basis of the installation certificates and the execution documents
  • Technical discussion by telephone with the main responsible specialist and/or her deputy

Requirements that cannot be checked remotely are not evaluated.

We have or will ask you in a separate letter to provide us with the following documents for the assessment per Intrusion alarm system (preferably by e-mail or via our SSL-secured file-share platform; if possible with anonymised customer data in the documents):

  • VdS certificate
  • Site plan with wiring diagram
  • Detector group directory
  • Overview circuit diagram (block diagram)
  • List of plant components
  • Assignment plans for distributors
  • Parameterisation of the Intrusion alarm control centre and the transmission device (at least transmission type (e.g. DP4), encryption, routine call, fault transmission, dialling sequences).
  • Commissioning protocol
  • Acceptance/delivery protocol
  • Maintenance records of the last 12 months
  • Any conditions imposed by the insurer

Depending on the result of the examination of the certificate and the execution documents, the subsequent technical discussion can take up to one hour per intrusion alarm system. We will contact you by telephone to agree on the further procedure and an appointment for the technical discussion.

We are at your disposal for any questions you may have.

Information on protection services

Due to the corona pandemic, the following measures have been introduced in the area of security services to maintain the existing approvals or certifications


The responsible account managers and auditors are currently working largely from their home offices and carry out their checks using remote techniques.

At present, VdS is not postponing any dates on the dates already agreed with our customers. If you have to postpone upcoming tests on your part, please contact your customer advisor in good time. This also applies to possible extensions of deadlines in connection with defects found in tests already carried out.

The test procedure currently consists of a remote audit and a subsequent on-site inspection. The remote audit is carried out through proactive communication between the account manager/auditor and the customer's contact person. For this purpose we use Skype before Business. However, other communication solutions are also possible.

The subsequent on-site audit must - in the case of a remote audit carried out on time - be completed after another 6 months at the latest. Please note that in case of a postponement of the remote audit date, the period until the on-site audit is completed (6 months) must be shortened by the amount of the postponed date.

In case of extensions, a preliminary certificate will be issued for 6 months after the successfully completed remote audit. Once the on-site audit has been successfully completed, you will then receive a certificate until the end of the validity period specified for the specific procedure.

The account manager responsible for you will agree with you on suitable dates for the two audits in accordance with our procedural rules, which should ensure that your company can continue certification seamlessly.


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