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Testing and maintenance of sprinkler and water spray systems

You can rely on our expertise in the testing and maintenance of sprinkler and water spray extinguishing systems. We offer comprehensive services to effectively plan, install and maintain fire protection systems to ensure your safety.

Our services cover all aspects of sprinkler and water spray extinguishing systems, from planning to certification. We carry out plan inspections, provide support with initial and repeat inspections and determine the degree of protection for insurers. Our experts work in accordance with recognized VdS guidelines and international standards such as DIN EN 12845 and NFPA to ensure that your systems meet the highest safety standards.

We also offer additional services such as the testing and certification of new protection concepts and product testing in cooperation with the VdS laboratory for water extinguishing systems. Rely on our experience and expertise to effectively optimize and maintain your fire protection systems. Contact us today to find out more about our services and meet your safety requirements.